Board of Directors

The Foundation for Responsible Television is a 501 (c)(3) which was founded in 1994. To date its purpose has been to raise funds to produce and promote the McCuistion Television Program on Public Television. Funds are provided by foundations, corporations and individuals.

Board Responsibility

Members of the Foundation for Responsible Television Board of Directors bring a wealth of experience and vision in support of the Foundation’s mission and the McCuistion Program’s structure and function. They help make sure the organization is being run effectively, highlighted by four basic principles of board responsibility:

  • Determining mission and program
  • Ensuring effective oversight
  • Providing resources
  • Participating in community outreach

They view fundraising as an essential aspect of their board positions, seek to work in partnership with volunteers and staff, often make personal contributions, and provide guidance and direction toward community resources, needs, opportunities, and relationships.

Present Board Members

  • John Boyle, J.D.
  • Cary Clayborn
  • William K. Gordon III, Ph. D
  • Dennis C. McCuistion
  • Gary Short, J.D.

Chairman’s Council

The Chairman’s Council is a select group of individuals who commit to one or more of these actions:

  • Assist in procuring funds for the foundation’s programs
  • Contribute time/services to the Foundation for Responsible Television
  • Promote the foundation’s programs and goals in the community and through other media sources

Past and Present Members

  • Kathleen A. Berry
  • Daniel M. Cofall
  • David Coppock
  • Doug Deardorf
  • Georgette Doukas
  • Tom & Gay Freeman
  • Valencia Gill-Hooper
  • Peter Hachtman
  • Amanda Harms
  • Elmer & Carole Jenkins
  • Mary Kippa
  • Clive Miskin
  • Nick & Ann McCuistion Nichols
  • Paul and Sally Pederson
  • Dr. Rhonda Porterfield
  • Kristi Prince-Wolff
  • Terry Womack Smith
  • Jerry & Janet Stone
  • John Strohm
  • Karen Stuart
  • Stephen Timmons
  • Robert G. Vial
  • Carla Halbrook & Brian Welker
  • Robert W. Young
  • Jerold & Terry Smith
  • Marvelyn Pasarew
  • Katie Bayoud
  • Frank D. Johnson
  • Melissa Haggarty
  • Yasmin Khan, MD
  • Michael Banks
  • Debra Fleming
  • Jason Stoddard
  • John Losher
  • Nelda R. Reid
  • Nancy Knox
  • Judy Skelton
  • John C. Moffett
  • Gary Turner
  • Jeff Dyess
  • Nancy Machen
  • Allen Gwinn
  • Ken Duble
  • Wanda Bravata
  • Dan Ogden
  • Carla Halbrook
  • Rose Garrett-Daughety
  • Christine Khatib
  • Mark Head
  • Charles Ward
  • Edwin Olsen
  • Daryl Wallace
  • John Palter
  • Jean Biacsi
  • Adil Hajjoubi
  • Tammy Greenberg
  • Max Fuqua
  • Paulette Wagner
  • Peggy Cooley
  • Ralph Stockemer
  • Sandra Williams
  • Darren Long
  • Jerry Turner
  • Ann Tully
  • Amanda Jameson
  • Dr. Gerald Kozlowski
  • Jim Falk

We welcome your involvement. For more information on becoming a Chairman’s Council Member, contact us today.