Globalization: The Pros and Cons

Why are so many people angered by and seemingly against globalization including our present administration?

Left to Right: Dennis McCuistion, Pia Orrenius, PhD, Matthew Rooney, and Niki McCuistion

Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, to discuss the pros and cons of globalization are:

  • Pia Orrenius, PhD: Vice President and Senior Economist, Federal Reserve, Dallas and
  • Matthew Rooney: Director of the Economic Growth program, George W. Bush Institute

Globalization, positive for many yet criticized just as often, is defined as a process of interaction among people, companies and governments of different nations. It is a process driven by international trade and investment and information technology. This process has affects on our environment, on culture, political systems, economic development, and prosperity as well as on human beings and societies around the world.

Mr. Rooney believes “we tend to focus on globalization being about trade, however it is much more complex. Globalization is about human nature. It has roots in that people are curious, communicative, they want to talk with people, want people next to them and want to see what’s over the hill”. He says, “to my mind that’s the mainspring of globalization”.

From Dr. Orrenius’ perspective, “Globalization is really about openness. It’s about sharing. It makes people and societies richer because they share resources, whether it be public health or technology or something more concrete like trade- exchange of goods or services and business investments across borders. When capital is able to seek its highest return, that’s when you get a more efficient allocation, you get more growth and more wealth”.

Yet globalization for some also inspires fear as there may be inherent risks and forces which might not be under their control, which comes with it. Globalization requires a balancing act. The emergence of countries like China and others impacts a rapid shift in the nature of the global economy and often our responses are sometimes less than adequate.

Tune in to the conversation about Brexit, immigration, and how globalization really works and the impact is has on each of us, for better and for worse.


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One Response to “Globalization: The Pros and Cons”
  1. Hi,

    The reason people support or condemn the idea of globalization is based on their “BELIEFS”, how it effects them, and their pocket book. Do they benefit from it or not, do they have to change for it or not. Globalization is coming whether we like it or not. The question is what type of globalization should be allowed to happen? One that embraces FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, Majority rule, or Dictatorship? Which type you choose depends on whether you will have conflict or not. The one you choose determines HOW laws are created, whether they are fair or not, for us ALL, the majority, or the ruler. I do not believe that was covered or explored in the program (maybe touch on or hinted at, but never addressed) and that is the core issue about globalization. Do we choose to have an AUTHORITATIVE style or a AUTHORITARIAN style of globalization. You will note from history that anytime a Authoritarian style begins to assert itself war breaks out, but when an Authoritative style is present progress and peace occurs and then and only then do FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS for ALL grow or remain. This is the issue of Earth, are we headed to a FREE Earth, or a RULED Earth. What path you choose determines everything else in the long run.

    Sincerely and Respectfully,
    Terry W. Wheelock

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