ENDGAME: The End of the Debt SuperCycle & How It Changes Everything

Joining the McCuistion TV program this coming Sunday is John Mauldin, author of the new book:  ENDGAME: The End of the Debt Super Cycle and How it Changes Everything... the subject of this program.

Virtually every sovereign nation in the world is over indebted with the United States leading the way. We’ve all seen the fiascos in Greece and Ireland and are awaiting the meltdowns in Italy, Spain and Portugal. While we may be familiar with the debt our federal government owes and what the implications are, we may not be aware of just how over leveraged other nations are.

ENDGAME examines the effect and impact of the present financial crisis on the world and the USA economy and examine what may happen when all these countries can no longer borrow.


6 Responses to “ENDGAME: The End of the Debt SuperCycle & How It Changes Everything”
  1. Greg Smith says:

    When I attempt to play the Endgame video I receive a “video not found or access denied” message.

  2. admin says:

    It should be fixed now. Thanks for watching!

  3. Greg Smith says:

    Unfortunately, I’m still getting the same message (July 11th). “Video not found or access denied”

  4. Matthew Bee says:

    ENDGAME. still getting the same message (July 15th). “Video not found or access denied”

  5. The problem is not Medicare. I have worked in cardiology for thirty-four years and the primary problem is people have been neglecting their healthcare for decades. Significant exercise every day will significantly cut hypertension, obesity and diabetes levels while lowering long term stress levels. Eating too much is an instinctive response to stress. The only purpose of Transcendental Meditation is to clean one’s “hard drive” of all the “temp” files we acquire as a side effect of living. TM is “Norton utilities for windows” for the mind. A healthy populace will reduce long term medical costs. The second problem is that we have gone through almost thirty years of trickle down economics from the Reagan-Stockman years and yet we now have more hedge funds for the wealthy and more unemployed and underemployed in the middle class. The third problem is a Defense budget of almost $800 billion per year. Fourth, ask the Republicans to fund all their expenses from 2001-2008 before writing another bill.

  6. From the beginning of Richard Nixon to the end of George W. Bush, we had thirty-two years of Republican presidents in forty-four years. The only president to reduce the national debt was Bill Clinton, who(John Mauldin once stated), lowered the debt from 44% of GDP to 33% of GDP in just three years. Our current financial problems stand squarely on the shoulders of the politicians who passed 1500 unfunded earmarks, a 70 billion agribusiness bill,unfunded no bid contracts in Iraq, an unfunded Medicare plan D(100 billion per year) and an unfunded 3.3 trillion tax cut. We were paying off the national debt ten years ago. Fully fund all the expenses of the previous eight years and the future will look a lot better, because, if you are serious about lowering the deficit, you do not start with a tax cut extension that adds another 700 billion over ten years. Corporations are buying back common stock and QE2 just has meant inflation. Political posturing without funding previous bills only erodes trust.

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