Poll Gives Republicans Edge Ahead of US Midterm Elections

A new opinion poll shows opposition Republicans with a clear advantage heading into November’s mid-term U.S. legislative elections.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll was released Tuesday, which marks the traditional start of the campaign season.

Obama’s ‘don’t call it a stimulus’ economic development plan

When there’s a midterm election coming up and you’re getting hit hard about big government spending, that’s when.

The Obama administration this week is rolling out a multipart economic, um, development program intended to help fight persistently high unemployment. President Obama talked about one part of this program, a proposed $50 billion investment in upgrades for US roads, rail lines, and runways, on Labor Day in Milwaukee.

Can’t Keep Europe’s Investment Bankers Down

The elevation of Barclays Capital’s Bob Diamond to become group chief executive at Barclays, and the departure of HSBC’s chairman Stephen Green to become a U.K. trade minister, raises an intriguing possibility that investment bankers are heading for a clean sweep of running the biggest banks in the U.K. and Europe.

Mr. Diamond adds to a growing list of investment bankers who have been given a bigger role despite the financial crisis—or perhaps because of their handling of it. He will work closely with group chairman Marcus Agius, himself a former investment banker at Lazard.