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Technology, Entertainment and Design: TED and TEDxSMU

TED is taking over the world! TED, which stands for, Technology, Entertainment and Design has changed how we view the world. TED talks are watched globally – with an average of 17 new Left to Right: Dennis McCuistion, Jeremy Gregg, Heather Hankamer, Niki McCuistion and Jim Young page views per minute. In the fall of 2012 TED celebrated its one billionth video views. Today over 1,700 talks are... [Read more]

Free Press Is an American Right

Free press is an American right, granted by the First Amendment… “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of free speech, or of the Press…” In fact, the First Amendment has been interpreted by the Supreme Court as applying to the entire federal government (even though it is only expressly applicable to Congress). Since its origin the core purpose of the American press is that of... [Read more]

The Legacy of Peter Drucker: The Father of Modern Management

Peter F. Drucker, hailed by Business Week, as “the man who invented management,” influenced countless leaders through his writing, teaching and consulting. The author of 39 books, Drucker’s work inspired leaders and managers across all industries in both the public and private sector. Drucker was driven by an insatiable curiosity of the world around him and a deep desire to make the world... [Read more]

Another Debt Crisis: Student Loans

The student debt crisis has affected many Americans. Though the rise in college student debt is often blamed on higher tuition costs, a radical shift in student financial aid–from a system relying primarily on need-based grants to one now dominated by loans–has been a major contributor to the challenge. Left to Right: Thomas Keefe, Dennis McCuistion and Michael Sorrell The... [Read more]

Income Inequality

Income inequality is growing and it is one of the most debated public policy, social-political challenges today. Yet, economists are divided as to whether income inequality is negative or positive and what the actual implications of such disparity are. The share of national income going to the richest 1% of Americans has doubled since 1980, from 10% to 20%, roughly where it was a century ago. Even... [Read more]

Home Rule: Good or Bad for Dallas ISD?

Dallas ISD has agreed to explore the possibility of allowing home-rule. At the recent U.S. Conference of Mayors, held in Dallas, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, a staunch supporter of education said, “education is not a partisan issue. It is an issue for all of America”. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings supports an effort “to transform our school systems’ governance into a home-rule district,... [Read more]

Net Neutrality: What Is It and Why Should I Care?

Left to Right: Dennis McCuistion, Tom Giovanetti, Niki McCuistion and Peter Vogel What happens with net neutrality may well impact you directly – personally and economically. The controversy over Net Neutrality is in the news on a daily basis. As a result of a Verizon lawsuit, (January of 2014), the DC District Court struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) net... [Read more]

The Impact of Technology on Higher Education: A Brave New World – Part Two

Is technology changing how students learn – for the better? Sal Khan‘s Khan Academy, made an impact on the way students are being educated today. New ways of learning are challenging the traditional higher education model! Join us May 18th, for a look at the pros and cons, with guests: Adam Brackin, PhD: Research Assistant Professor Arts and Technology, UT Dallas Marjorie Hass, PhD: President,... [Read more]

The Impact of Technology on Higher Education: A Brave New World – Part One

Technology changes how college students learn!   Minecraft and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course’s) and more are changing the way kids are learning. Today’s students are prepared to live and work in a digital world and have different learning expectations as a result. MOOCS, digital learning, gaming, distance learning and even popular video games are being used in college classrooms,... [Read more]

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