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Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business – Part Two

While crony capitalism has given capitalism a bad name, capitalism itself is the greatest wealth provider ever known. Conscious capitalism has an even higher purpose, that of inspiring stakeholders with a sense of passion and purpose, a dedication to the organization’s mission and an authenticity that leads to empowered, engaged employees, and loyal customers, which in turn creates even more profit... [Read more]

Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business – Part One

In response to the greed associated by many to  “capitalism at all costs”, Whole Foods Market co-founder, John Mackey, and professor and Conscious Capitalism, Inc. co-founder, Raj Sisodia, argue for the inherent good of both business and capitalism. They make a sound argument for a new way of doing business that is more ethically conscious and humane. Joining host Dennis McCuistion are: Raj... [Read more]

Make Your Brain Smarter – Part Two

Innovative research on brain health makes an incredible difference in lives. In the second part of a two part series, experts talk about brain health.  During this episode, Dennis McCuistion is joined by three experts: Lori Cook, PhD, CCC-SLP: Head of Pediatric Brain Injury Programs, Center for BrainHealth, University of Texas- Dallas Jacque Gamino, PhD: Director, BrainHealth Teen Reasoning Initiative Sergeant... [Read more]

Make Your Brain Smarter – Part One

Brain health plays an important role in life satisfaction and overall health and success. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your brain health! In this episode the McCuistion program is joined by these brain health experts. Brain Health Experts Sina Aslan, PhD: Imaging Specialist, Center for Brain Health, UT – Dallas Sandra Chapman, PhD: Chief Director and Founder, Center for Brain Health, UT... [Read more]

TV and Its Impact on Society and Our Kids

Sonja Ezell and Hank Moore join Dennis McCuistion for Sunday’s episode addressing the impact of television on the children of today.  Sonja Ezell is a reading specialist at Dallas Independent School District. Hank Moore is a corporate strategist and the author of The Business Tree and The Classic Television Reference. var flashvars = { width: "530", height: "330", autostart: "false", repeat:... [Read more]

Is Corporate Ethics An Oxymoron

Corporate ethics has been a hot topic among many political, business and financial leaders over the last few years. However, is it possible to be a corporation and ethical? This episode asks exactly that. Bringing together a strong panel of leaders, host, Dennis McCuisiton is joined by: Sharon Allen: Chairman of Deloitte LLP Todd M. Bluedorn: CEO of Lennox International,Inc Jared Richardson: Sr. Counsel... [Read more]

Flash Foresight: Seven Radical Principles That Will Change Your Life – Pt. 2

Flash Foresight: Seven Radical Principles that Will Change Your Life aired this weekend. Our special guest panelist Daniel Burrus joins the McCuistion Program to continue part two of this two part series and talks about how to see invisible opportunities and solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Some of the key points from his book, Flash Foresight: How To See the Invisible And Do The Impossible,... [Read more]

Flash Foresight: Seven Radical Principles That Will Transform Your Life – Part 1

Dan Burrus, one of the top three futurists in the country, author of Flash Foresight: How To See the Invisible And Do The Impossible, asks, “wouldn’t it be amazing if you could predict the future and be right?” He claims you can… if we leave out the parts we could be wrong about! According to Burrus, “the amazing thing is, when you know where to look, there’s more... [Read more]

Technology, Entertainment and Design: TED and TEDxSMU

TED is taking over the world! TED, which stands for, Technology, Entertainment and Design has changed how we view the world. TED talks are watched globally – with an average of 17 new Left to Right: Dennis McCuistion, Jeremy Gregg, Heather Hankamer, Niki McCuistion and Jim Young page views per minute. In the fall of 2012 TED celebrated its one billionth video views. Today over 1,700 talks are... [Read more]

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