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Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden: Journalism and National Security – Part Two

What is the role of journalism? Is there a significant failure on the part of journalism which instead of pursuing critical investigation and scrutiny is too often working in tandem with government? Does a relationship between journalists and government officials prevent the American media from being watchdogs over government? Are journalists now a division of corporate America- the media division?... [Read more]

Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden: Journalism and National Security – Part One

Join us for a lively discussion on the role of journalism and the potential impact on national security if too much information is given to the public. So where’s the fine line? Guests: Tod Robberson: Former Editorial Writer, Dallas Morning News Gordon Dee Smith: CEO, Strategic Insight Group, CEO, Dallas Committee on Foreign Affairs Charles “Chip” Babcock: Partner, Jackson Walker,... [Read more]

25 Years of McCuistion: The Future of Health Care

The third in a three parts series on the past, present and future of health care, this episode focuses on the latter. Our experts agree that health care in the future will look very different. Technology has made a huge impact and will continue doing so, taking us out of the industrial age and into the knowledge age. Knowledge and ideas are now the main source of growth in many areas, most certainly... [Read more]

25 Years of McCuistion: Health Care from 1990-2015

The second in a three parts series on the past, present and future of healthcare. Changes in healthcare? One constant in healthcare is change. There are significant advancements in healthcare technology and the treatments available to us. Today more people are accessing healthcare than ever before and there is more expensive care to be accessed. The HMO’s and other types of payment organizations... [Read more]

25 Years of McCuistion: The History of Health Care

Healthcare has become ever more complex and expensive with too many citizens not always getting the full healthcare they may need. Still we’ve come a long way in the treatment of diseases that once meant certain death and in how we treat disease and illnesses. Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, to talk about the history of healthcare and the progress we’ve made are medical experts: Michael... [Read more]

Is Voter ID a Good Idea?

Is voter ID a good idea? Voting is one of our most fundamental responsibilities and civic duties. American democracy would not exist without free and open elections. Yet the issue of voting and voter rights (such as voter ID laws) has been a point of contention throughout our history. Eligibility to vote by citizens of the U.S. is established in the U.S. Constitution and several amendments have broadened... [Read more]

Voting Fraud: Is This An American Problem?

Voter fraud has become a topic of consideration as the 2016 elections approach. Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, are guests: Rene Martinez: Regional Director, LULAC Tom Pauken: Former Chairman, Texas Workforce Commission, former member of President Reagan’s White House staff, and Dan Wallach, PhD (via Skype): Professor, Department of Computer Science, Rice University, Houston, Texas Left to... [Read more]

The NFL Channel Airs a McCuistion Clip!

We’ve arrived! NFL Films is using a clip from the McCuistion Program, Techno Trends Part 1, on part of their documentary series program entitled, “A Tale of Two Cities”, that will air on the NFL Network on Saturday, December 19th 2015. Dennis asks a guest in the audience, “What is an internet”? We’re excited they sought... [Read more]

Re-Air: JFK: The Events of November 22, 1963

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a tragedy that had repercussions worldwide, forever changing the way news is reported. The President’s day started in Fort Worth with crowds exuberantly greeting the President and Mrs. Kennedy. In Dallas as crowds lined the motorcade path, the mood was cheerful, excited and welcoming. All the while, the city officials were relieved, as the anticipated... [Read more]

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