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U.S. and World Poverty: Incurable Problems?

In the United States, the official poverty rate is 13.5 percent (U.S. Census Bureau 2015). The 2015 studies show an estimated 43.1 million Americans lived in poverty, a rate of 14.3 percent of the population. While the percentage of Americans in poverty fell from 15 percent in 2012, the biggest such decline since the year 2000 poverty is still an issue. Left to Right (on platform): Timothy Bray, PhD... [Read more]

Are We Too Dumb for Democracy?

In today’s polarized political world, the question, “Are We Too Dumb for Democracy?”, is on point. The votes from our three experts on this subject are mixed. Left to Right:  Joseph E. Kobylka, PhD., Jeffrey A. Engel, PhD., and Robert Howell, PhD Joining host Dennis McCuistion to discuss the concerns with civic intelligence and the “right “to vote are: Jeffrey A. Engel.... [Read more]

Do We Need Fewer Regulations?

Recently Dennis McCuistion was featured in a Dallas Morning News article. Follow this link to view the article titled, “Fix, don’t defang, consumer bureau” Dallas Congressman Jeb Hensarling makes an excellent case for getting rid of Dodd-Frank or at least dismantling a large chunk of it, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The 2,319-page Dodd-Frank Act was passed in... [Read more]

Self-Governing: How Much Governance Do We Need?

Paul David Miller, PhD. (University of Texas at Austin, Research Fellow with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission) said, “Self-government is at root a culture of public responsibility among a citizenry, that is, a widely accepted norm that citizens can and should take a role in public decision making. People must believe that they have the right, duty, and ability to govern themselves.” Joining... [Read more]

Saving Lives Through Organ Transplants

There are more than 120,000 men, women and children in the United States (nearly 12,000 in Texas alone) who need an organ transplant to live. A single donor can save as many as 8 lives through organ donation and help as many as 75 people through cornea and tissue donation. Every 10 minutes someone new is added to the national transplant waiting list. Still, about 8,000 people die every year waiting... [Read more]

Zika and West Nile: How Serious Are They?

Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, to discuss the growing dangers and spread of West Nile and Zika and the issues associated with them are: Tara Smith, PhD – Associate Professor, Kent State University College of Public Health, Christopher Perkins, M.D. – Medical Director/ Health Authority- Dallas County Health and Human Services, Zachary Thompson – Director, Dallas County Health and... [Read more]

Re-Air: Pros and Cons of Middle East Refugees Coming to America

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”#middleeast #refugees” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Millions of Middle East refugees are fleeing or have fled Middle Eastern countries because of wars, ISIS and terrorism and economic crisis.[/clickandtweet] The countries they’ve turned to are torn between compassion and fear that some of the refuges... [Read more]

Climate Change: The Economics and Solutions

The economics of climate change is becoming an increasingly critical issue and divisive issue. President- elect Donald Trump’s pick for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) , the Hon. Scott Pruitt, Attorney –General, State of Oklahoma, is a major change away from the previous administration’s position on climate change. Historically, EPA chiefs have been climate change advocates. Mr. Pruitt... [Read more]

Climate Change/Global Warming: What Do 97% of Scientists Agree On?

Advocates of climate change say 97% of scientists agree that the earth is warming catastrophically, the science is settled and anyone who disagrees is just flat wrong. The issue they claim is primarily the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Climate change views though are open to interpretation and many disagree that the earth is warming – catastrophically . Essentially the warming... [Read more]

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