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Re-Air: 25 Years of McCuistion: Immigration Policy for the Future

This program addresses a huge question regarding immigration policy: what is the one thing we should do today to solve the immigration issue? As you might expect there is no one or simple answer and each of our panelists have diverse solutions. Host, Dennis McCuistion, is joined by: Rick Gump: Lawyer/ Owner, Richard A. Gump, Jr. PC Professor Neil Foley, PhD: Southern Methodist University, Robert H.... [Read more]

Re-Air: 25 Years of McCuistion: Immigration Policy from 1990-2015

Immigration is part of the founding myth of the United States which has gone through several immigration waves in its short history.¬†Its first; the founding colonial wave, which was largely English. Since, we’ve had the primarily German/Irish wave of 1820-1870 with German immigration the largest to date, comprising 15% of all our immigration. The third wave took place from the 19th century to... [Read more]

Pros and Cons of Middle East Refugees Coming to America

Millions of Middle East refugees are fleeing or have fled Middle Eastern countries because of wars, ISIS and terrorism and economic crisis. Click & Tweet! The countries they’ve turned to are torn between compassion and fear that some of the refuges may in fact be undercover terrorists. And so the borders are closing. Left to Right: Hind Jarrah,... [Read more]

Special Event: “America, Arabia, and the Gulf: At a Crossroads?”

Special Event Announcement: Dr. John Duke Anthony to Address the Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs on: “America, Arabia, and the Gulf: At a Crossroads?” Click & Tweet! Wednesday, May 11, 2016 World Trade Center Baltimore 401 E. Pratt Street Baltimore, MD 21202 Reception: 5:15 p.m. Address: 6:00 p.m. Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs... [Read more]

What Is ISIS, How Did It Arise, and What Can/Should be Done?

ISIS or the Islamic state is a group one did not hear about until just a few years ago. Today, they are a powerful force in Syria and Iraq and a threat worldwide with members on every continent. Yet what and who exactly is ISIS, how did it come about, what is their goal and what can/should be done to stop their terrorist menace both in Syria and worldwide? Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, are guests: Said... [Read more]

Saudi Arabia and Iran: What Are the Issues and Why Do They Matter?

Minimal growth and a hefty deficit is expected for Saudi Arabia, and the government knows it must act quickly to reverse the downward trend or there could be serious internal issues. Experts predict the country must become less reliant on oil to achieve long-term growth. Saudi is dealing with some critical challenges Click & Tweet! , from the economy... [Read more]

The Chinese Navy: Challenge to the U.S. and the World?

For decades the United States Navy has ruled most of the world’s oceans and the important shipping lanes. No part is more important than the area around the South China Sea where about 40 percent of the world’s shipping occurs. Today, China is asserting itself militarily in that area by building islands and shoring up their Navy. Should the United States and its allies/ trading partners... [Read more]

China: Reforms, the Economy, Energy and Markets

China: You can’t pick up a newspaper or turn on a TV set without hearing about China today…and the news is not very positive. Slower economic growth, turmoil in their stock markets, citizens being arrested for corruption, and with all this, has come a worldwide collapse of commodity prices not the least of which has been in the price of oil. Joining us on McCuistion are experts on the... [Read more]

China: From a Historical Perspective, Their Place in the 21st Century

The history of China is undoubtedly a long one. China, one of the oldest civilizations on earth with the exception of possibly India, goes back in history about 5,000 years. While it has a geographical size similar to the United States, it has five times the population, 1.5 billion people and the second largest economy in the world, second only to the United States. The very diverse population consists¬†primarily... [Read more]

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