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Re-Air: JFK: The Events of November 22, 1963

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a tragedy that had repercussions worldwide, forever changing the way news is reported. The President’s day started in Fort Worth with crowds exuberantly greeting the President and Mrs. Kennedy. In Dallas as crowds lined the motorcade path, the mood was cheerful, excited and welcoming. All the while, the city officials were relieved, as the anticipated... [Read more]

Re-Air: 25 Years of McCuistion: Immigration Policy for the Future

This program addresses a huge question regarding immigration policy: what is the one thing we should do today to solve the immigration issue? As you might expect there is no one or simple answer and each of our panelists have diverse solutions. Host, Dennis McCuistion, is joined by: Rick Gump: Lawyer/ Owner, Richard A. Gump, Jr. PC Professor Neil Foley, PhD: Southern Methodist University, Robert H.... [Read more]

Re-Air: 25 Years of McCuistion: Immigration Policy from 1990-2015

Immigration is part of the founding myth of the United States which has gone through several immigration waves in its short history. Its first; the founding colonial wave, which was largely English. Since, we’ve had the primarily German/Irish wave of 1820-1870 with German immigration the largest to date, comprising 15% of all our immigration. The third wave took place from the 19th century to... [Read more]

Re-Air: 25 Years of McCuistion: A Brief History of Immigration

Ironically even though the United States is a nation of immigrants, immigration has been a controversial issue from its very beginnings. Host, Dennis McCuistion, is joined in part one of a three part series titled A Brief History of Immigration,  by experts: Mike Gonzalez (via Skype): Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow, Author of A Race for the Future: How Conservatives Can Break Through the Liberal... [Read more]

Re-Air: The Impact of Technology on Higher Education: A Brave New World – Part Two

New ways of learning are challenging the traditional higher education model!  This program explores the every changing scope of how teachers are teaching and students are learning. Joining Dennis McCuistion are guest panelists: Adam Brackin, PhD: Research Assistant Professor, Arts and Technology, UT Dallas Marjorie Hass, PhD: President, Austin College Toni Portmann: CEO, Lockin One example of the... [Read more]

Re-Air: The Impact of Technology on Higher Education: A Brave New World – Part One

Education has become more complex- and digital learning is now expanding how we learn and retain information. Tune in to see how this “new” way impacts how we interact, collaborate and build a “brave new world”. Joining Dennis McCuistion to discuss teh changing landscape of education are panelists: Adam Brackin, PhD: Research Assistant Professor Arts and Technology, UT Dallas Marjorie... [Read more]

Re-Air: The Human Trafficking Epidemic

Elizabeth M. Wheaton, Kristen Richards, Shawn McGraw and Rebekah join Dennis McCuistion to discuss human trafficking and it’s impact on our society today. Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others. It is forced coercion. Exploitation can include prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery... [Read more]

Re-Air: Why the Cloud and Social Media Are Changing Your Business and Your Life

The Network Revolution has actually changed how value is created and how people connect and make decisions. Left to Right: Monte Ford, Dennis McCuistion, William J. Ribaudo, Niki McCuistion and Barry Libert Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, to talk about this revolution are key experts in that field: Monte Ford: Director Akamai Technologies, Former Senior VP/ CIO American Airlines William J. Ribaudo:... [Read more]

Re:Air – Why Retirement Is Fast Becoming Impossible For Most Americans

Inflation, lack of savings and investments and the last several years’ economy has changed the economic landscape for many Americans; making it almost impossible for many to retire. 95% of Americans may well run out of money in their retirement. The American dream of retiring with dignity is gone. Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, to discuss the issue of retirement are guests: Alan Goldfarb,... [Read more]

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