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Is a Free Press at Risk Without a Well Functioning Freedom of Information Act?

Free press is an American right based on the First Amendment. This program focuses on this first amendment right and explores the question of whether or not free press is at risk. Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, are: Elizabeth O. Colton, PhD: CEO, Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, Emmy Award winning journalist Miles Moffeit: Dallas Morning News‘ Investigative reporter Paul Watler:... [Read more]

Are Government Security Agencies Essential Or a Threat to Our National Security?

National security is important to all of us and the government has set agencies like NSA, CIA and FBI in place to keep the country secure. Joining McCuistion to discuss and question the issues around national security and our basic freedoms are acknowledged experts in this field:  Sahar Aziz: Board Member: American Civil Liberties Union of Texas Associate Professor, Texas A&M University, School... [Read more]

Is Edward Snowden a Traitor or an American Hero?

Edward Snowden has been called many things, not the least of which is traitor. Others applaud  his stance and call him a hero. On a recent TED talk, Snowden said, “Who I am does not really matter. What matters are the issues, the kind of government we want, the kind of Internet we want, the kind of relationship between people and society.” Producer with Josh Rovner and Danny Coulson As... [Read more]

Philanthropy: The Business of Changing the World

These are critical times for nonprofits. There are more social needs, yet fewer resources capable of addressing them. Government cutbacks and overwhelmed businesses simply can’t keep up with the growing demand for help. Funders are tapped out, leaving too many nonprofits without the financial capability to fulfill their mission. Left to Right: Bob Wright, Niki McCuistion, Charlotte Keany,... [Read more]

Health Care: Doctors and Patients

In the medical profession it is a given that patients always comes first, and policies are always patient centered. There are also growing challenges with affordable health care, Medicare and rising costs, which often mean doctors are underpaid, overworked and smothered by regulations. Ever increasing regulatory burdens are getting in the way of providing the help patients need. In fact, in some cases... [Read more]

Health Care: Employers and Employees

Health care costs are escalating, and while many employees are covered, fully or in part by their employer, rising costs pose problems for both. Left to Right: Scott Flannery, Cyndie Ewert, Dennis McCuistion, & Neisha Strambler-Butler Employers are concerned with managing costs and it is in fact many companies fastest growing budget concern. Rising costs are making health care a benefit that many... [Read more]

Health Care: Hospitals and Insurance Companies

We go to hospitals only when we have to- so knowing what is involved in the final hospital bill, how to determine how much your insurance company will pay and what you will have to pay are questions you want the answers to beforehand. And, if you’re on Medicare, how does this factor into the equation? Hospitals provide critical services to us all… they are tremendous repositories of underutilized,... [Read more]

Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace

How do you turn on innovation in your culture? Terry Jones: Author of On Innovation, Founder, former CEO of Travelocity and Founding Chairman of, joins McCuistion for a rousing discussion on what innovation is and how to create it in your own organization. Speaking from his experience at American Airlines, Terry Jones credits the late Max Hopper, his former boss and mentor, for his outlook... [Read more]

Money, Corporations and Politics… a Toxic Mix?

Steve Bartlett and Bruce Freed join the McCuistion Program to discuss business and politics and whether or not they are a toxic mix. Many people feel too much money is spent on political campaigns and lobbying activities – especially from Unions and other corporations who pursue their own special interests, rather than that of the general public. Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, are: Steve Bartlett:... [Read more]

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